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New Website & Team Members

New Website & Team Members

We are proud to announce some big changes here at Bardutz Web Development. Most importantly, we are taking on two new team members - a mobile developer and a project manager. Our mobile developer's name is Liam Embury, and he's currently living in Vancouver, BC. Luckily for us, the Internet makes it easy to collaborate with people all over the world. Having Liam on our team will allow us to provide our clients with a professional-looking mobile website. After all, an increasing number of website visits are through the use of a mobile device. The project manager we hired is Matthew Mutschler. Having him on the team will make it easier for us to plan, carry out, and complete our projects. Adding this slight increase in efficiency will have a big impact on the experience we can provide for our clients. As for the website, we decided that it was in need of an upgrade. This was a major undertaking but absolutely worth it in the end. With this new website, we are able to communicate what we're capable of providing for our clients. With the addition of this blog, it will be easier for us to engage with our visitors.


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