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Serenity is Launched

Serenity is Launched

We are proud to announce that Serenity Convalescent Care's website is now up and running. It looks fantastic and it's very functional, too. The founder of Serenity Convalescent Care, Sheri Kramer, initially contacted us in the preparation stage of this new venture. She extensively researched the opportunity to open a convalescent care home in Regina, and after thorough planning and training, she decided it was time to open the doors. This website was designed with the goal of giving off an impression of peace and, of course, serenity. From the colours all the way to the rounded borders, we had this goal in mind throughout the entirety of the development process. It was a pleasure working with Sheri, and we wish her the best of luck in the years to come. For more information about Serenity Convalescent Care and its new website, visit its page in our portfolio.


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