The South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra



The SSYO's Board of Directors recognized that their website was in need of an update. The previous website simply wasn't effectively providing the members with the information they needed.

The launch of this website took the SSYO's online presence to the next level, providing them the professional image they rightly deserved. The website's main function is to connect with its members and inform them of upcoming events and rehearsals.

The website also contains a password-protected member's area, which contains an abundance of information, such as audition excerpts, contact information, and schedules. In addition, the members are able to fill out online forms that were previously done on paper. This eliminated the time and energy that a membership director once had to expend on collecting and organizing information.

Now the members can conveniently fill the information out online, which is then stored in a database that the administrators can view at their convenience. The website also provides the SSYO with advertisement revenue, as their sponsors can advertise right on the website.


The South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra began in 1976 as a group of 40 young musicians under the sponsorship of the Regina Symphony Orchestra. It is now an award-winning orchestra in its 36th season, containing over 50 members.

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