Sask Squash Association

The official squash association of Saskatchewan.


Sask Squash Association

The official director of the Saskatchewan Squash Association, Brad Birnie, contacted us after seeing the website our senior developer had created for the Regina Squash League. The Association's previous website was in need of an update, as it was aesthetically outdated and becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

The final product includes over 70 pages, which required an incredible amount of planning and organization in the earlier stages. After months of development, the website was finally launched to the public and has received positive feedback ever since.

This website was one of the more extensive projects we've completed, since it required a large-scale content management system, which allows the administrator(s) to:

1. Post and edit events
2. Post and edit news updates
3. Post and edit squash tips
4. Update provincial rankings
5. Send emails to the hundreds of subscribers
6. Add to and edit the executive members list
7. Upload photos and videos
8. Post and edit tournament results
9. View survey results

In addition to these features, we also connected the website with the association's Facebook page, making it easier for the directors to connect and engage with the growing number of members.


The Saskatchewan Squash Association is a not-for-profit organization governing the sport of squash in the province of Saskatchewan. The organization's board members allocate funding and schedule a variety of events throughout the year.

Tools Used

Sublime Text

Project Details

  • Client: Sask Squash Association
  • Date: October 2, 2013
  • Category: Web Development
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