Serenity Convalescent Care

A newly opened convalescent care business located in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Serenity Convalescent Care

The founder of Serenity Convalescent Care, Sheri Kramer, initially contacted us in the preparation stage of this new venture. She extensively researched the opportunity to open a convalescent care home in Regina, and after thorough planning and training, she decided it was time to open the doors.

This website was designed with the goal of giving off an impression of peace and, of course, serenity. From the colours all the way to the rounded borders, we had this goal in mind throughout the entirety of the development process.

In addition to the front-end design of the website, we also included an extensive content management system. This system included the ability to edit almost every piece of text on all of the pages, add and edit blog posts, upload and edit photos for the gallery, and manage online bookings.

The online booking allows clients to conveniently submit their information on the website, which Sheri can then print onto a formatted page. This makes it easy to manage bookings on and offline.

It was a pleasure working with Sheri, and we wish her the best of luck in the years to come.


Serenity Convalescent Care is a special care facility that's unlike any other in all of Canada. This facility houses post-surgical patients, providing a fully functional experience aimed at enhancing the healing process by offering a tranquil home environment.

Tools Used

Sublime Text

Project Details

  • Client: Serenity Convalescent Care
  • Date: January 9, 2014
  • Category: Web Development
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