Regina Squash League

The official website of the Regina Squash League, located at Gold's Gym (South), Regina


Regina Squash League

The Regina Squash League's website is, by far, the most complex website in our portfolio. A vast majority of the content on the website is database-driven. The development process took nearly two months, but the finished product is something we are very proud of.

Prior to the current website, the Regina Squash League was using a website that would link to a PDF document, telling the players which team they played. It was difficult for the players to navigate, and even more difficult for the administrators to manage. Since our Senior Developer and Project Manager were both registered in the Regina Squash League at the time, they decided that it was time to take the league to the next level.

Now, every player is given a username and password, which they can use to log into the website. From there, they are able to submit match scores, which instantly affect the standings. The website will also tell them exactly when their next match is, who it against, and it will even give them their next opponent's current statistics.

By giving every player the ability to conveniently manage his or her information, it keeps the standings up to date in real-time. In addition, it saves the league organizers hours of time each season.

The league's main source of revenue is through membership fees, but with the website maintaining around 2,500 page views per week, it has attracted multiple advertisers as well. This means that the new website not only makes it easier for players to gather information, but also provides the league with a supplementary source of income.


The Regina Squash League runs twice each year for three months at a time and currently has more than 60 registered players. Each player is part of a team, which competes for prizes, bragging rights, and the honour of getting its name on the coveted trophy.

Tools Used

Sublime Text

Project Details

  • Client: Regina Squash League
  • Date: August 31, 2012
  • Category: Web Development
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