UR Book Exchange

A website allowing University of Regina students to buy and sell textbooks online.


UR Book Exchange

Our senior developer, Stephen, took a few weeks in the winter semester of 2013 to put this website together. After just one semester at the University of Regina, he decided that the textbook monopoly needed a slight disruption.

Within the first day of its launch, over 50 textbooks had been posted by University of Regina students. It has now seen over 1,500 textbooks come and go and still maintains over 350 active users. The website's main source of traffic is through word-of-mouth and social media. Stephen integrated Facebook into the website from day one, and UR Book Exchange has successfully acquired over 450 likes on the social media platform. In addition, the website was featured on CTV News Regina in September of 2013.

As far as development goes, the website hosts an in-depth search engine, which allows students to sort through the hundreds of textbooks based on title, author, price, and subject. Its main source of revenue is advertising, as we aim to keep this website free for students for years to come.


UR Book Exchange is website allowing University of Regina students to exchange used textbooks with one another. It was created by our senior developer, Stephen Bardutz, in an attempt to help students save money.

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Sublime Text

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