Aegis Laser Therapeutics

A Laser Therapy Business Located in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Aegis Laser Therapeutics

Dr. Brent Kloczko contacted us after seeing what we were capable of doing with the Regina Squash League's website. His website was in need of an update, as it was aesthetically outdated and did not provide his practice with the professional image it deserved.

Dr. Kloczko and his associate Kevin provided us with more than enough content, which we put to great use. The website is abundant with information, from the treatments they provide to the 25+ frequently asked questions.

The biggest feature that we integrated into the website was the use of online forms. Prior to this website, Aegis' clients would come into the office, and then spend 10-15 minutes filling out a form, which included over 30 questions, ranging from basic contact information to extensive medical history. By directing their clients to the online forms, they can process clients more efficiently in the office, and it makes the process easier for clients, too.

Once the forms are submitted, Dr. Kloczko and Kevin have the ability to view and print the online submissions, which they can then file away for a later date. This proves that a website not only improves or establishes a business' online presence, but it can also improve effiency, too.

Working with Dr. Kloczko and Kevin was a pleasure.


Aegis Laser Therapeutics provides laser therapy treatments for many painful conditions. Founded in 2004, it was the first clinic in Saskatchewan to provide low-intensity laser therapy.

Tools Used

Sublime Text

Project Details

  • Client: Aegis Laser Therapeutics
  • Date: November 26, 2012
  • Category: Web Development
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